Course Offerings

Our free skills trainings are all interactive and online. The class sizes are smaller with two days dedicated per class. This allows the trainers to encourage learner engagement and participation to provide a more immersive learning experience where participants can learn together.

Check out the summary of our course offerings below.

Digital Tools for Jobseekers

Find out how digital tools can increase your chances of landing employment opportunities. Learn how to create an effective resume and turn this into an online professional profile to attract potential employers.

Getting Your Business Online

Learn how to bring your business idea to life. Find out how digital tools can help you develop your agri-tourism enterprise. This class welcomes agri-tourism and non-agri-tourism business ideas.

Harnessing Social Media to Expand Your Business

Find out how to better connect with your customers. Learn the essentials of branding and find out how you can maximize free tools to create and manage social media content.
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