Trainer Profiles and FAQs

Trainer Profiles

Senior Trainer Profile
  • Possesses the ability and charisma to lead a set of learners
  • Has a proactive and engaging personality to entice learners to participate in online classes
  • Recognizes basic online safety and protection principle to avoid vulnerability online
  • Is tech-savvy enough to operate communications platforms, such as Zoom or Google Meet
  • Has access to reliable internet connection and hardware (laptop, microphone, webcam, etc.)
Trainer Profile: Digital Tools for Jobseekers
  • Possesses HR, recruitment, or hiring experience
  • Proficient in the use of basic internet tools (email, video call, cloud storage) 
  • Effective resume and cover letter writing skills 
  • Comprehensive understanding on the use of online job portals, particularly LinkedIn
  • Strong job interview skills
Trainer Profile: Harnessing Social Media to Expand Your Business
  • Detailed understanding of the basics and value of branding for a business
  • Extensive experience in using online content creation tools, particularly Canva
  • Comprehensive experience in managing business social media profiles, particularly through the use of Facebook Creator Studio
  • Strong client interaction or customer service skills
Trainer Profile: Getting Your Business Online
  • Possesses an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Able to perform Google My Business registration process
  • Proficient in the use of common Fintech Tools such as GCash, Paymaya, or
  • Strong online collaboration skills 
  •  Strong client interaction or customer service skills

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect as a Go Digital ASEAN-Philippines’ trainer?

As an advocate for digital inclusion, trainers serve an essential role in helping deliver the program content and skills training to learners. Trainers will provide training online, using Zoom, Google Meet, or other similar platforms. Trainers will be in charge of conducting the 2-day online workshop for any subject. Each day is anticipated to take up to 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on the subject or learning pace, with periodic breaks.

How many subjects will a trainer be expected to take on?

A trainer will take only one subject. A trainer is not expected to take on all three subjects. Prior to being assigned to any topic, the Go Digital team meets and orients the trainer to ensure he or she is suitable to teach the subject. This ensures that the subject is a good match with the trainer’s skills set and will not have to learn the tools and concepts from scratch. Though a trainer handles only one subject, trainers take on additional subjects, if he or she so chooses. 

Are trainers expected to source their own learners?

The Go Digital team works closely with partner institutions and organizations to identify learner groups from areas that can benefit the most from our programs. Trainers are welcome to boost this initiative by helping identify learners, whether individuals or groups, who fit the target profile of being either a jobseeker or MSME owner that can benefit from the program. 

What is the time commitment? Can I pick schedules that work around my free-lancing schedule?

One subject is conducted in two consecutive days, with 3.5 to 4 hours per day (including period breaks), depending on the subject and pace of the class. Dates and time slots for training workshops will be scheduled in advance and in coordination with trainers to ensure that this works best with the trainers’ schedules and the program is able to provide a steady flow of training sessions. 

Who are qualified to be Go Digital ASEAN - Philippines trainers?

Ideally, a trainer would already be familiar with the tools that are discussed in the class subject a trainer chooses. This would make it easier and more natural for the trainer to discuss the topics and educate the      earners. For example, for the Digital Tools for Jobseekers class, the trainer should be well-versed in the use of basic online tools such as Google Drive and Google Meet, familiar with online job portals, and possess excellent resumes and cover letter writing and interview skills. 

Do I need to have prior teaching/training experience in order to qualify?

Training or teaching experience is a big plus for interested trainers!

How many trainees or learners are trainers expected to ‘teach’?

We aim to have at least 25 participants in one class. Although this number may be slightly higher at times, the Go Digital team recognizes that a conducive learning environment requires a manageable class size and aims to maintain a healthy ratio of trainers to learners. 

Is the training 100% virtual or are there options to run classes on-site (with social distancing)?

Yes, classes will be 100% virtual. The program may consider on-site or in-person sessions in the future, in which case trainers will be advised and consulted for training opportunities. 

How are trainers briefed and prepared prior to conducting their respective workshops?

Before trainers are able to conduct their own training sessions, the Go Digital team meets with prospective trainers to ensure that they are a good match for the subject he or she intends to teach. A trainer will undergo a Training of Trainers workshop, wherein trainers’ facilitation skills are strengthened, and they are provided with an in-depth understanding of the subject sub-topics and how to effectively deliver these to learners.

Are there materials that I can review beforehand?

After meeting with a Go Digital representative, suitable trainers are provided with the Trainer’s Toolkit prior to the Training of Trainers workshop to allow them to review and examine the sub-topics, materials, and session design. This toolkit includes the equivalent of the subject lesson plan, training instructions, PowerPoints and slide guide, and the Learner’s Guide that will be distributed to program beneficiaries. 

Can Volunteer Trainers participate in future Go Digital ASEAN Programs?

Yes! We encourage our trainers to be part of the Go Digital ASEAN community to connect with the program, its learners, and its partners for possible collaboration opportunities!