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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there pre-requisites to join the program?

A stable internet connection and device that could be used to acces the internet are needed to participate in any of the courses, either as a trainer or a learner. For trainers, there are minimum attributes and you can use the Trainer’s Brief in the Become a Trainer page to gauge your readiness.

How do I know if I should enroll as a trainer or as a learner?
A key distinguishing factor would be your itnerest. If you are interested to learn in the various courses and specific topics, it would be good for you to enroll as a learner. If you are interested to both learn and help reach out and train people, then you should enroll as a trainer. You can use the Trainer’s Brief found in the Become a Trainer Page to help you decide.
Do I have to complete all the modules in all the courses?
Each course is independent and designed with a particular audience in mind. If you decide to enroll in one course, you will have to complete all topics in order to be certified. However, you can opt to just join in particular topics under each course.
Is it possible for me to enroll in one topic or several topics in a course?
Yes, it is possible for yout to enroll in one or several topics. However, only those who complete the entire course will be certified.
Can I enroll for specific topics across different courses?
Yes, it is possible depending on your interest. Altough we highly encourage you to enroll and complete a course to fully appreciate the topics and skills discussed.
Can I study the courses on my own?
Although the courses are delivered online, there is a Facilitator who will be guiding learners throughout the learning process. Proactive participation during the actual conduct of the course. However, you will be given toolkits and reference materials that you can study on your own in advance and after the training.
Will I receive a certificate after attending a course?
Yes, you will receive a certificate after going through the training. Those who will be attending specific topics without completing the course will only receive a certificate of attendance.
Where can I find support if I have questions after completing a course?

We are growing our Go Digital ASEAN community to support our members as they develop their digital literacy skills. We encourage you to join our Facebook community for us to support you!

Alternatively, you can also reach out to us by sending us a message through the form below.

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